The fast, reliable IT provider supporting physicians and dentists in Central Ohio.


About Reali

IT is different at Reali. And that’s intentional. Everyone has had a bad experience with an IT services company – they are not timely, you have to retell your story to someone different until they find the right person to help you, everyone blames someone else for the problem, they charge outlandish fees, etc. We have designed our company on the premise that IT shouldn’t be a burden to your organization; it should be used as a tool to make it better.


  1. When you call us, you won’t have to jump through a lot of hoops to talk to the right person.
  2. We only hire qualified, multi-faceted and friendly technicians, so anyone who answers the phone will be able and willing to help you on the spot.
  3. Once you are an established client you will be assigned a single point of contact. That person will get to know you and your business allowing for a continuity of service that can’t be matched.

At Reali, we are committed to providing the highest level of service possible and we have structured our organization this way to help us deliver on that promise.


Our experience shows us that when we establish a services contract, our clients receive the highest level of support possible and take advantage of all of the benefits that technology has to offer. Contracts allow us to establish a long-term relationship that leads to a level of familiarity that makes us part of your team.

Why a contract is a good thing!

  • Provide a minimum amount of prioritized support time on a monthly basis to address issues that could critically impact your business
  • Offer guaranteed response within four hours for emergencies
  • Help you make technology purchasing decisions that fit best with your specific needs, environment and budget
  • Proactively offer advice on how to integrate technology into your practice and improve business efficiency

As a partner on your team, Reali can think about technology in a way that people outside of the industry rarely do. This perspective often leads to ideas and strategies that utilize technology to innovate your business and ultimately lead to success.

Our History

Before starting Reali in 2002, Cory Rist spent several years as the head of IT  for a large mortgage banker in Columbus Ohio.  Being a consumer of technology services himself, he realized that most IT services companies were primarily reactive and too poorly organized to provide a high level of personal service to their clients.

When we began Reali, we set out to build an IT services company that was different – one that truly puts customer satisfaction first and is organized around that singular goal. The concept included a capable technician answering the phone, dedicated service professionals, and a mission to partner with every client by proactively helping them improve their business and using technology in a way that leads to their success.

In the past 10 years, our passion for problem solving and dedication to customer service has led Reali to evolve into a highly respected IT partner with a long list of satisfied clients and a specialization in serving medical and dental practices.