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Data Backup Solutions

Whether it’s due to a natural disaster, virus, hard drive crash, software failure or theft, the cost of data loss is extremely high and growing every year as businesses rely more and more on data to operate.

Think that losing your data could never happen to your business?

Estimates dictate that 140,000 hard drives crash every week in the United States (according to Mozy online backup).  Imagine what might happen if a natural disaster, theft, or virus knocked out your data center?  Statistics tell us that an overwhelming majority of businesses quickly file for bankruptcy in such an event.

Losing just 1MB of data will cost your business $10,000.00.

There’s no arguing that your business data is extremely valuable.  DataVault, the affordable data backup solution by Reali, ensures that your data is strongly protected.  We provide a full local data backup for fast restore times combined with secure offsite storage, in three geographically distinct areas, for disaster recovery.

Complete with a rich feature set, DataVault will save your business time and money while protecting your most important asset – your data.  DataVault’s exclusive features include:

  • Alerts to notify you and your Reali technician in case of a backup failure
  • Flexible backup schedules and restore options
  • Both server and workstation backup capabilities
  • Local backup and multiple secure offsite storage locations
  • Automated backups
  • Real-time protection for new or modified files
  • Unlimited restores to any location, anytime

31% percent of PC users have lost their data due to circumstances beyond their control.  You can’t afford to leave your data exposed to the elements.  Consult with Reali today, and find out how our DataVault can affordably and actively protect your business.