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New Office Set Up

If you are opening a new office, Reali Technology can help you design, select and install a complete infrastructure in your facility.

Reali Technologies understands that moving or setting up your office requires more than just packing up a few computers and desks.

Correctly dismantling your IT components and network is a delicate process that can quickly go awry.  By bringing Reali into the early planning stages of your move, you can rest assured that your office transition is a smooth one, rather than a jumbled mess of cables and crashed networks.

Extremely experienced with complex office moves, Reali ensures:

  • That your network is dismantled appropriately
  • Proper installation and configuration of hardware, operating system, and software
  • Seamless integration of new technology into existing systems
  • Security measures, including set up of antivirus, spyware, malware, and firewall
  • Solutions for phone, internet and other communication needs
  • Selection of appropriate technology solutions and vendors according to each client’s unique needs

The efficiency of your office move is too important to leave to chance.  With our expertise, you’ll experience minimal down time and total peace of mind as you settle in your new location.